Construct your future with the power of neuroplasticity.

Welcome to MindWorks

Through the repetition of specific experience, we can modify the structure of our brains to acquire new knowledge and abilities. Hence, how our future is constructed depends on what we prepare for ourselves to experience today.

Our Ideology

By analyzing neuroscience research findings on neuroplasticity, memory and learning, we arrive at the principles below. These can help prepare meaningful experience for oneself to effectively acquire new knowledge and abilities.

  1. Attention: Directed concentration on the concept or task at hand without distraction
  2. Association: Connection made with the learner’s prior knowledge and experience
  3. Reinforcement: Time and space for new learning to be digested, consolidated and rehearsed
  4. Emotion: Affective conditions that promotes willingness to learn and social engagement in learning
  5. Exercise and Sleep: Physical activities and rest to build a strong biological base for learning and retaining knowledge