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You are just too familiar with the following scenarios…

Suppose you have had a hard working day, and you still need to learn more…

Suppose you have trained intensively during daytime, and you want to be stronger tomorrow…

Suppose you have tons to prepare for the exam the next day, and you know time is running out…

Suppose you have difficulties gathering your attention in daytime which hinders your learning, and you are determined to find a way out…

The problem is, you want some hours more, in good learning condition.

Now, the good news is, you DO have the time!

You have 8 hours more every day for your target. Just use your sleeping time.

“But I’ve gotta sleep! How can I do that?”

The fact is, you DO need to sleep. To stay up at night will hurt your health and performance.

But, what you do not know is, you can still have that extra hours you need.

You can learn when you sleep. Actually, you can ONLY learn when you sleep.

While asleep, our brains do not shut down. Instead they work hard to consolidate and reinforce what we have learned.

In fact, what are learned in the daytime are first put into the working memory. It is a place in our brains that can only hold several items for a short period of time.

If these items are not transferred to the long term memory in time, they will be forgotten. Consolidation is the effort to transfer knowledge from working memory to long term memory.

“That’s amazing! But just how does the brain consolidate knowledge?”

By reactivation. That is the replay of the whole learning experience in the brain.

Neuroscience research shows that when we are in deep sleep, our brains replay our daytime experience, just like we experience that once more.

In the process, such experience will be transferred from working memory to long term memory.

MasterAtSleep helps optimize such reactivation to maximize benefit, so that you will have a better 1/3 of your lives. Master just anything while you have a good sleep.

How can MasterAtSleep do this? By using Intelligent Targeted Memory Reactivation (ITMR).

Targeted Memory Reactivation (TMR) is a neuroscience research theme in the investigation of sleeping. It is the timed re-exposing of the sleeping brain to cues that are related to knowledge previously learned in daytime so that memories of such can be reactivated and reinforced.

There is abundant neuroscience research that proves the effectiveness of Targeted Memory Reactivation. Then we further make it “intelligent” by collecting sleep tracking data and assessment results from abundant subjects and feeding them to our AI algorithms. With our analysis of such data we found the best timing and manner settings (TMS) for presenting daytime learning materials and nighttime sleeping cues to learners.

In that way, we can provide the right learning experience, day and night, and optimize the learning outcome.

In short, MasterAtSleep helps you become a master through this: LEARN → REACTIVATE → ASSESS


  • Minimal time
  • No rote learning
  • No need to push


  • Practice when having deep sleep
  • Attention guaranteed
  • Quality of sleep uncompromised


  • See the effect
  • Tune the way we practice
  • Master it!

We are making it EVEN better only for YOU. Simply submit your sleep tracking data, or track your sleep our way with MAS brainviewer. Our AI algorithm will suggest the TMS fit for your learning. You will master things easier!

So, with MasterAtSleep, you can devote your sleeping hours to learning, while the quality of sleep remains intact. Now, start your change by selecting the category you need to master.

“Hey, stop it.”

“But I can’t even sleep well. How can I fit in the MAS way of learning?”

Keep calm. You can try one of our Sleep Routines, and have a good sleep first.

Please visit the MasterAtSleep Webstore, and enroll in the sessions you like. Get the MasterAtSleep App to use them. Become a master at sleep!

MasterAtSleep is an example of neuroscience-based apps that can really help. It is just the beginning. We are working hard to make sure that more will be coming!