Common Good Enterprise

BrainWorks Research & Development Company (BrainWorks) is a Common Good Enterprise (CGE).

A CGE is…

  • It is an organization that is committed to operating and improving a business that is beneficial to the public, where such business is called a “cause”.
  • It emphasizes a management style in which enterprise operators and clients work closely together.
  • It pursues profit reinvestment: The profit generated, except for portion that support the operation needs of the enterprise, will all be allocated to the relevant “cause development fund”. The management committee of the fund is composed of all parties involved in similar causes, including operators and beneficiaries of the causes, government and non-government organizations, and the general public It determines how the cause development fund supports and encourages persons/institutions to engage in the development of such causes in an upright and positive manner.
  • The goal of a CGE is to enable the greatest number of people to enjoy the benefits brought by the enterprise, through the services offered and the return/added-value generated by operating the enterprise, to live a life of dignity.

A CGE is not…

1. It is not a traditional enterprise

  • It is not purely driven by turnover and profit.
  • It focuses on the number of operators and clients who benefit from the enterprise.
  • It does not participate in businesses irrelevant to its cause in order to increase profit.
  • It is built on a cause, not on individuals, families, consortia, communities, governments, and nations, but works with these entities to promote its cause with integrity and responsibility.

2. It is not a charity

  • It only gives back to the society with the fruits of its work, and does not make financial donations.
  • It aims to generate enough revenue to maintain a healthy operation and a leadership in innovation/improvement for its cause without receiving donations.

3. It is not a monopoly

  • It strives to lower the entry barriers for operating a CGE to encourage and assist aspiring persons in establishing more CGEs, but does not guarantee success.
  • It works with other CGEs to create synergy and promote the acceptance and improvement of the CGE culture.

CGE Action Plan

1. Create an environment that is beneficial to the development of CGE

  • Education: Provide training, including ideas and skills, to those involved in CGE.
  • Contact: Establish communication and sharing channels for enterprise operators, clients and the public.
  • Finance: Set up proper procedures for the establishment of cause development fund and solicit support from financial institutions.
  • Legal protection: Promote the legislation of acts for the benefit of the public such as those for fairness, ant-monopolistic business environment and freedom of information.
  • Promotion of public awareness

2. Conduct research and provide assistance in the adoption of CGE operation model for a particular cause